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Free Dentist Locator & Booking Service- Ho Chi Minh City

There are hundreds of Dental Clinics in Saigon, we introduce you to 15 of the very best

DENTAL CLINICS YOU CAN TRUST - a choice group of Dedicated Doctors. 


In Vietnam-Youcan afford great teeth!

Average Pricing for dental clinics in Vietnam is around 20% cheaper than Thailand and now in 2014, has some of the best in Asia.

  • Ceramic Teeth Veneers-$200-300
  • Ceramic Crowns Vietnam-$220-300
  • Dental Implants in Vietnam-$850-1800
  • Teeth Whitening in Vietnam-$75-250
  • Composite Fillings-$10-30
  • Examination, clean and Polish-$10-35
  • Xrays-$5-12
  • Wisdom Teeth Surgery-$120-230
  • Dental bridges $280-450


4 Steps to Beautiful Teeth:

  1. Choose your Dentist /Nha Khoa

  2. Request a Quote or Info

  3. Make a booking through us.

  4. We organize the rest, Free! 








 "Because going to the dentist shouldn't have to be a painful experience"

 - David and Lan Vy, Dental Assistant, Saigon Vietnam


  Australian Businesses (WA)

as mentioned in...Oi! Travel Magazine Vietnam

                                                We support Eco Pharmaceutical

2014 Special Dental Offers :

Sakura International Clinic - Direct Insurance Billing

Medical Insurance Vietnam: "We are proud to improve our service by providing direct insurance billing. Our new Direct Billing partners: Bảo Việt,Bảo Minh, Bảo an khang (agent for AON), Insmart, Interglobal, Liberty, Generali, Gras savoy"

Dr Hung Clinic
"We would like to announce that we will have a special promotion during the Greeting season and New year and we will be opening a new larger Dental Center after the Luna New Year."

AVA Dental  
Full Swiss ceramic Crowns special:

- Nickel porcelain crown: $120 USD per tooth
- Titanium porcelain crown: $150 USD per tooth
- All porcelain crown: $250 USD per tooth

Diamond Dental
-special* laser teeth whitening $75


Recent dental experiences Vietnam

"After visiting a dentist in Australia and spending $800 for 2 fillings and one temp filling, I was quoted $5000 to fix the remaining problems. After talking to Dave at Dental Assistant Vietnam, I decided to see what they could do.
I was surprised to see the facilities in dentists to be better than Australia. I had; 1 root canal, 3 fillings, 2 Swiss ceramic crowns, 1 ceramic inlay including x-rays. Total cost came to $823 AUD. For the same treatment in Australia I would have paid over $5000. I would have no hesitation recommending dental treatment with this dentists to anyone. Thanks David and Lien for your help in getting this arranged for me."  
-Ashley M, Geraldton, Western Australia
"Our time at the dentist was a pleasant experience. Not something you could say about a dentist trip here.(Aus) They were very patient, very gentle, very skilled. It was a family like atmosphere.
I had 18 route canals, 2 bridges, 2 implants. Dr Nahn did the implants and Dr Couc did the rest. She was excellent. I look forward to seeing them again" (following complex implant surgery )
-J Fraser, Tamworth, Australia
"I was introduced to Sakura clinic after contacting Dental Assistant to organise a general checkup. An appointment was organised very quickly, and I was in the clinic 30 minutes later. The building was very clean and modern, two story and equipped with a lift. After the checkup, the nurse identified that my teeth required scale/stain removal and required three small fillings. I was shown exactly where fillings where required, and I was consulted before any additional work was carried out. I agreed to have the fillings, and this was done in under an hour. Overall this was a very good experience, and the staff had a good command of English and are clearly understandable. Overall cost was under $100 and I consider the staff, dental work and surgery to be superior to anything I have experienced in Australia."
D Macale 24/3/14

"Took my family of 4 for clean and checkup, was actually a pleasant experience! Both dentists we saw were very caring and professional, I had a few fillings and they didn't hurt, neither did my pocket! Definitely will be where we go in the future"

-Waller Family, Vietnam      25/2/14 Sakura Clinic


 I had a great experience. I will be going back in 5 months to complete the work. Already looking forward to my next visit to the dentist lol. Can't recommend Amy highly enough. In many ways I think better than Australian dentists! Email me at if you have a query...happy to fill you in.

M.Carter, following  complex teeth extraction and implant surgery. 4/2014

Why use Dental Assistant Vietnam?

  • We only support the best dentists in Vietnam that have the highest reputation and then are visited by us to verify.
  • Our Doctors provide quality treatment at affordable prices.
  • Most Doctors are capable of speaking english.
  • We can help with translation of billing figures for you.
  • All our Doctors have impeccable treatment hygiene and use modern imported equipment.
  • We provide backup support and answer any enquiries.
  • We are Australians familỉar with the needs of the customer.
  • We can provide advice on convenient hotels, tours and can assist with transport to clinics.
  • Our service is free for the customer.

Dental Assístant có thể được sự dụng khi bạn cần biết nha khoa nào là tốt nhất và theo những tiêu chuẩn cao cấp và vẫn còn tiết kiệm tiền.)

Chúng tôi là người Úc và đã xem trước tiếp những nha khoa chúng tôi quảng cao.

Chúng tôi tin cại chắc rằng các nha khoa trong trang web này có thể làm tốt bằng bất cú nha khoa nào ở nuốc ngoài.

Rất hân hạnh có thể giới thiều những nha sỹ này với các bạn.
chúng tôi cung cấp dịch vu này miễn phí cho khách.

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